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We address the problem of classifying complex videos based on their content. A typical approach to this problem is performing the classification using semantic attributes, commonly termed concepts, which occur in the video. In this paper, we propose a contextual approach to video classification based on Generalized Maximum Clique Problem (GMCP) which uses the co-occurrence of concepts as the context model. To be more specific, we propose to represent a class based on the co-occurrence of its concepts and classify a video based on matching its semantic co-occurrence pattern to each class representation. We perform the matching using GMCP which finds the strongest clique of co-occurring concepts in a video. We argue that, in principal, the co-occurrence of concepts yields a richer representation of a video compared to most of the current approaches. Additionally, we propose a novel optimal solution to GMCP based on Mixed Binary Integer Programming (MBIP). The evaluations show our approach, which opens new opportunities for further research in this direction, outperforms several well established video classification methods.

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