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This paper considers the application of compressed sensing to spherical acoustics in order to improve spatial sound field reconstruction. More specifically, we apply compressed sensing techniques to a set of Ambisonic sound signals to obtain a super-resolution plane-wave decomposition of the original sound field. That is to say, we investigate using the plane-wave decomposition to increase the spherical harmonic order of the Ambisonic sound scene. We refer to this as upscaling the Ambisonic sound scene. A focus of the paper is using sub-band analysis to make the plane-wave decomposition more robust. Results show that the sub-band analysis does indeed improve the robustness of the planewave decomposition when dominant overlapping sources are present or in noisy or diffuse sound conditions. Upscaling Ambisonic sound scenes allows more loudspeakers to be used for spatial sound field reconstruction, resulting in a larger sweet spot and improved sound quality.

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