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Multi-target tracking is an interesting but challenging task in computer vision field. Most previous data association based methods merely consider the relationships (e.g. appearance and motion pattern similarities) between detections in local limited temporal domain, leading to their difficulties in handling long-term occlusion and distinguishing the spatially close targets with similar appearance in crowded scenes. In this paper, a novel data association approach based on undirected hierarchical relation hypergraph is proposed, which formulates the tracking task as a hierarchical dense neighborhoods searching problem on the dynamically constructed undirected affinity graph. The relationships between different detections across the spatiotemporal domain are considered in a high-order way, which makes the tracker robust to the spatially close targets with similar appearance. Meanwhile, the hierarchical design of the optimization process fuels our tracker to long-term occlusion with more robustness. Extensive experiments on various challenging datasets (i.e. PETS2009 dataset, ParkingLot), including both low and high density sequences, demonstrate that the proposed method performs favorably against the state-of-the-art methods.

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