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We consider discrete pairwise energy minimization problem (weighted constraint satisfaction, max-sum labeling) and methods that identify a globally optimal partial assignment of variables. When finding a complete optimal assignment is intractable, determining optimal values for a part of variables is an interesting possibility. Existing methods are based on different sufficient conditions. We propose a new sufficient condition for partial optimality which is: (1) verifiable in polynomial time (2) invariant to reparametrization of the problem and permutation of labels and (3) includes many existing sufficient conditions as special cases. %It is derived by using a relaxation technique coherent with the relaxation for energy minimization. We pose the problem of finding the maximum optimal partial assignment identifiable by the new sufficient condition. A polynomial method is proposed which is guaranteed to assign same or larger part of variables %find the same or larger part of optimal assignment than several existing approaches. The core of the method is a specially constructed linear program that identifies persistent assignments in an arbitrary multi-label setting.

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