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We present a linear-time algorithm for deciding first-order logic (FOL) properties in classes of graphs with bounded expansion. Many natural classes of graphs have bounded expansion; for instance, graphs of bounded tree-width, all proper minor-closed classes of graphs, graphs of bounded degree, graphs with no subgraph isomorphic to a subdivision of a fixed graph, and graphs that can be drawn in a fixed surface in such a way that each edge crosses at most a constant number of other edges. We also develop an almost linear-time algorithm for deciding FOL properties in classes of graphs with locally bounded expansion; those include classes of graphs with locally bounded tree-width or locally excluding a minor.

More generally, we design a dynamic data structure for graphs belonging to a class $cal G$ of graphs of bounded expansion. After a linear-time initialization the data structure allows us to test an FOL property in constant time, and the data structure can be updated in constant time after addition/deletion of an edge, provided the list of possible edges to be added is known in advance and their addition results in a graph in $cal G$. In addition, we design dynamic data structure for testing $Sigma_1$-properties or the existence of short paths between prescribed vertices in such classes of graphs. All our results hold for relational structures.

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