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The characteristics of IT applications in the future decades are computing for the masses. What datacenters will deal with is a high number of active users, a high number of applications, a high number of parallel requests, massive amount of data, etc. This challenge is especially serious for China, since there is a huge population. The emergence of Internet-of-Thing makes the class of applications ever more and more, and the ossified computer architecture cannot be suitable for the various niche applications. To address these big issues, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has started up the Future Information Technology (FIT) Initiative, a 10-year frontier research project for targeting applications and markets of 2020-2030. The State Key Lab on Computer Architecture (CARCH), which is located at the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) and is the unique SKL in the area of computer architecture in China, is one of major undertakings of the FIT project. The research directions of CARCH include building billion-threads computer, elastic processor, cloud-sea computing, etc. In this talk, we will survey the motivations and basic ideas of these projects. Moreover, we will briefly introduce another foresighted research going on ICT: service-oriented future Internet architecture.

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