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Point clouds are one of the most fascinating and challenging sensor streams, leading to countless publications. The advent of low cost 3D cameras, such as the Microsoft Kinect, has led to a wide range of new ideas and projects in this field. The PCL community tries to bring together all these activities to produce one open source library. Backed up by leading institutions and researchers around the world, as well as dedicated senior level programmers, this gives us the opportunity to join all the loose ends in point cloud processing. The point cloud library gives every researcher the opportunity to try new ideas fast as well as discuss them with and get support from a big community. Most of this is done through electronic communication, including mailing lists and chat systems, but to share it with the broader robotics community, as well as to get more people involved, we propose a one day tutorial. We will give an introduction to the library, guide the attendees in their first steps using it, as well as show what great results have been achieved with it already. PCL is a truly open community with a low administrative structure. We have especially designed our documentation to guide new users and have created help channels to give them the opportunity to rapidly become contributors.

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    • Q:
      Hello sir.. i am completely unaware about the PCL library and i am very much interested to learn this library from scratch.. So can i get all videos of of your lectures on PCL so that i can watch it offline..
      Posted by: | Sept. 21, 2015, 10:31 a.m. | 0 likes
    • N:
      Please forward me the link if videos are available at some other email id :
      Posted by: | Sept. 21, 2015, 10:33 a.m.