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This paper presents a versatile magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible concentric tube continuum robotic system. The system enables MR image-guided placement of a curved, steerable active cannula. It is suitable for a variety of clinical applications including image-guided neurosurgery and percutaneous interventions, along with procedures that involve accessing a desired image target, through a curved trajectory. The robotic device is piezoelectrically actuated to provide precision motion with joint-level precision of better than 0.03mm, and is fully MRI-compatible allowing simultaneous cannula motion and imaging with no image quality degradation. The MRI compatibility of the robot has been evaluated under 3 Tesla MRI using standard prostate imaging sequences, with an average signal to noise ratio loss of less than 2% during actuator motion. The accuracy of active cannula control was evaluated in benchtop trials using an external optical tracking system with RMS error in tip placement of 1.00 mm. Preliminary phantom trials of three active cannula placements in the MRI scanner showed cannula trajectories that agree with our kinematic model, with a RMS tip placement error of 0.61 - 2.24 mm.

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