TechTalks from event: ICML 2012 Workshop on New Challenges for Exploration & Exploitation 3

Welcome to the ICML 2012 Workshop new Challenges for Exploration & Exploitation 3. The goal of this challenge is to build an algorithm that learns efficiently a policy to serve news articles on a web site. At each iteration of the evaluation process, you will be asked to pick an article from a list given a visitor (136 binary features + a timestamp). To build a smart algorithm, you might want to balance carefully exploration and exploitation and pay close attention to the “age” of the news articles (among other things of course). A quick look on the leaderboard is enough to figure out why that last point matters. It is the overall CTR (click through rate) of your algorithm that will be taken into account to rank it on the leaderboard. Please visit the main workshop webpage for details: Workshop Details