TechTalks from event: Healthcare IT Conference 2011

  • Health Information Exchange Breakout Panel Authors: Dave Roberts, Carladenise Edwards, Paul Fu, Laura Landry
    Dave Roberts: Overview of HIEs in the Era of Meaningful Use ; Carladenise Edwards: Beyond 2014: Sustaining HIE Beyond ARRA ; Paul Fu: HIEs, the Safety-Net, and the Impact on Health Care Quality ; Laura Landry: Trends in Today's HIE ;
  • Workshop for Healthcare IT Implementation Professionals Authors: Cheryl LeMaster, MS
    “Making Change Work: Leading Change and Transition During Health IT Implementation” : “A new day is dawning for the way medical professionals conduct their daily work and care for their patients.“ Specifically, Electronic Health Record Adoption will dramatically change work flow processes and procedures, forcing medical professionals to let go of the old way of doing business and embrace new processes and procedures. In some cases this will mean the instant loss of expertise and the need to learn new skills. Scary indeed! This workshop will focus on the human side of change, and will draw upon real change management experience working with leaders to implement healthcare reform. This interactive presentation is designed to help healthcare change leaders, particularly technical managers, understand and deal with the human aspect of change. Critical to effectively managing change, participants will understand the difference between change and transition and be introduced to concrete tools and resources that senior leaders and front-line managers can use to effectively address resistance and successfully guide staff through transition.