TechTalks from event: Green Initiatives Conference 2011

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Keynote Presentation: Global Challenges

  • The Business of Sustainability Moving Beyond the Triple Bottom Line Authors: Carol Williams, Group Senior Vice President & Executive Vice President, Manufacturing & Engineering, Dow Chemical
    Our nation indeed, the entire world - is at a strategic inflection point. Globally, each year 1.5 million people die as a result water-related illnesses, while 16,000 children alone die from hunger-related causes. The situation is likely to become more dire as global populations grow to an expected 10 billion-plus by 2100. Energy usage will rise 70 percent by 2050. And the race for clean water is now and will continue to be relentless. The reality that we all confront is that as the world gets smaller and humankind's problems become more complex and challenging the stakes are raised for all of us. There is clear and convincing evidence that we will not be able to meet tomorrow's challenges with yesterday's mindset. In this presentation, Dow Chemicals & Energy President Carol Williams will discuss a new way to approach the idea of building stronger communities in order to meet those global challenges. Although the private sector's triple bottom line mentality of the past did help focus much-needed light on the economic, environmental and social impact of businesses' actions, the companies that are successful in the future will be those that move beyond that philosophy. To survive and thrive in the 21st century, companies must integrate sustainability into their business models. Ms. Williams will discuss how companies can move toward this integration by focusing on solving the greatest challenges of clean water, affordable food and secure energy.


  • Emerging Technologies for Sustainability Innovation Authors: John Frey, Americas Sustainability Executive, Hewlett Packard
    ICT technologies are enabling industries to significantly lower their use of natural resources and fundamentally transform industries in the low carbon environment. HP has been innovating in this area for many years and is at the forefront of many of these technological advances. This session will provide an overview of existing and emerging technologies including smart sensors, digital commercial printing, and flexible displays


  • Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis: the challenges and opportunities Authors: Stan Silva, National Accounts Development Manager, Dyson Commercial
    Sustainability is increasingly important to both consumers and in businesses. To be sustainable encompasses 3 factors: environmental, economic and social. The environmental factor can be understood by undertaking a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). This presents an opportunity for manufacturers to uncover environmental hot spots, spark inventiveness and focus resources where they can make the most impact. As a result, greater value can be delivered. This presentation will cover the current situation in the USA, examining the pressures on businesses looking to balance cost management efficiency and effectiveness with greater environmental responsibility. How the environment is only one element of the overall Sustainable solution How a Life Cycle Analysis can be scoped and undertaken The challenges and issues around undertaking such a project The benefits which can be derived from implementing a program to reduce carbon as a result of understanding the impact of a Life Cycle Assessment