TechTalks from event: Green Initiatives Conference 2011

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  • Building a Sustainable Corporate Reputation Authors: Becky Vollmer, Senior Vice President & Co-Chair Sustainability Practice Group, Fleishman-Hillard Lee Broughton, Director Corporate Sustainability, Enterprise
    We all know that a sustainable approach to business is good for the world and for the bottom line. But what about the impact of sustainable business practices on your company's reputation?Increasingly, your company's success in managing today's complex ESG issues is an essential element of your overall corporate reputation. From customers and employees to policymakers and critics, a broad spectrum of stakeholders wants to know how your businesses is integrating sustainability into operations and the impact those efforts are having on your business, on the environment and on the communities you serve. But when is the right time to talk about an initiative as it's being conceived, or after it's fully operational and the results are in? And what about the dangers of being perceived as tooting your own horn? Isn't it better to have others speak on your behalf? In this session, you'll hear from Lee Broughton of Enterprise Holdings and Becky Vollmer of Fleishman-Hillard about best practices in communicating your sustainability commitments and progress, engaging third parties and telling your story in the digital age.