TechTalks from event: Green Initiatives Conference 2011

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  • The global electrical distribution channel plays a key role in energy usage reduction and sustainability Authors: Christopher P. Hartmann, EVP & CEO, Rexel Holdings USA
    With the combination of rising energy prices (oil, gas and electricity) and ever-increasing electricity consumption (Eutelsat expects electricity consumption growth of 76% by 2030), both energy savings and renewable energies are more needed more than ever. Such efforts are universally regarded as the natural solutions that will prevent disastrous energy tensions. The global electrical distribution channel plays a key role in energy usage reduction and sustainability. Already partnered with the leading suppliers of energy efficient products, public utilities and policymakers, electrical distributors promote and recommend the most suited solutions to their customers. They understand their customers' product usage and have a broad knowledge to select the most effective energy efficient solutions in lighting, HVAC and motor control, and building automation. Electrical distributors are uniquely positioned to recommend and deliver renewable energy solutions, such as photovoltaic (solar) and, more recently, small wind turbines. With their unmatched strength in supply chain, they are the key channel to bring to customers the right equipment for the right application. Already the contractors' preferred vendor, electrical distribution can manage or provide for turnkey installation services for the entire range of energy solutions, from lighting retrofits to electric vehicle charging stations and more. Christopher Hartmann, Executive Vice President and CEO of Rexel Holdings USA, a leading U.S. electrical distributor with annual sales of $3.5B, will explain how electrical distributors in the USA accelerate the deployment of energy efficient and renewable energy solutions in the commercial construction industrial sectors, cutting costs and enhancing the sustainability reputations of companies every day. Mr. Hartmann is able to offer his unique insights drawn from a career in the electrical industry working in a variety of functions both on the manufacturing side as well as in the supply chain.