The Website Is The App (And Vice Versa)

Description: There are two basic models of media and entertainment companies using mobile web apps built on HMTL5. One model is to create a whole new experience using web technologies. This could be re-packaging existing content, giving new life to archives, or just experimenting with a new format or media product. In my experience, some music labels to this really well The other model is to take the entire media property and create a single, multi-use app where the website, the mobile app, and the tablet app are all one entity. Here, there are some great examples from the news media. The talk will examine case studies of both of these approaches and provide the pros and cons. But the main takeaway is that with HTML5, mobile website and mobile apps can be one-and-the-same.

Topics covered:

  1. Quick overview of HTML
  2. Mobile HTML5
  3. User experience and HTML5

Target Audience: Designers, developers and product managers

Duration: 1 session of 45 minutes with 10 minutes QnA.

Cost : Free

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Ron Piovesan

Business Development Lead,Mozilla

Ron Piovesan leads business development for Mozilla’s App Marketplace and is responsible for signing distribution deals with major content and games providers. His team has closed over 200 distribution deals including EA, Evernote, Atlantic Records, Boston Globe, eBay, Box among others. He is also leading the content acquisition strategy for the new FirefoxOS phone in Brazil, in partnership with Telefonica. Prior to Mozilla, he was a marketing director with DataDirect Networks, a $200M information storage company. Piovesan spent over seven years at Cisco, mostly recently on the corporate development team where he led a series of equity investments in Latin America and the Middle East. Piovesan also lectures on marketing and social media strategies at Stanford University. He has a Bachelors of Journalism degree from Carleton University in Canada; a Masters in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths College, UK; and an MBA from the joint program at the Columbia and UC Berkeley Haas GSB.